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Research Engineer

Research Engineer


We are looking for someone who’s passionate about building tools used by researchers in creation of novel therapeutics.


About us

Charm Therapeutics exists to fulfil the promise of AI to advance the discovery of medicines. Our team involves extraordinary scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. We have raised one of the largest seed rounds in European start-up history.

The research software team turns our prototypes into robust, production-grade code. While we love quick prototypes, we recognize how dangerous it is to use them for critical workloads. Together with the ML and platform teams, we build state-of-the-art scientific tools, enabling breakthroughs in therapeutics that translate into the real world.

Specifically, research engineers design, create, and maintain research applications that allow the research team to discover new drugs. This includes novel numerical and simulation tools.


About the role

This role is ideally suited for a software engineer with a scientific background in computational chemistry or computational physics. As a member of the research engineering team, you will be familiar with and eager to adopt best software engineering practices in solving research problems.

If you’re a researcher-turned-engineer or a scientist-turned-engineer, you’ll be at home here. We have an interdisciplinary team of outstanding individuals from a variety of fields.


Who are you

  • An expert programmer who has made meaningful contributions to open-source projects and/or industrial/academic projects
  • You have a solid understanding of algorithms and data-structures
  • A passionate developer who loves the challenge of writing maintainable code
  • Someone who has experience of working in a research/machine learning environment


Useful skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in chemistry, physics, computer science, or related field
  • Scientific software development experience in Python
  • Passionate about best software practice and code quality